Property Sourcing

Property Sourcing

Our principals of good property sourcing

* To deliver above average returns.
* To listen to your requests and needs.
* To look for infrastructure changes & early stage regeneration that will benefit capital growth.
* To look at where legislation can disrupt or secure your position.
* We advise you to add our costs onto the property price and then see if it is worth it.
* I am a long term reputation based kinda guy and I am not in it to milk every penny I can.
* We wish to grow with you, thats our ultimate goal. If you do well then we do well.
* Always remember legal checks, surveys and accountancy matters are your responsibilities, we can reccomend individuals if you wish.

Property Sourcing Fees

2% of the purchase price or £1000 minimum fee on property value up to £2million
£2million to £10million is 1.5% of the property value
£10million and above is 1% of the property value

For this fee we will.

* Find and view property.
* Provide an individual report
* Assisst and advise in the negotiation and purchase

Our payment is due upon completion.
If we have any previously agreed costs for example, train or flight tickets, costs of overnight stays if required. These will be paid for in advance

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